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Coach House and Country House Villas each have their own individuality, but together they are family. 


Country House exudes a confidence and ease, with the breeze flowing in from mountains behind, passing the pool and garden terrace and onto the front lawn where a resting buddha resides. Country House says, ‘come glory in the wonder of nature, can I give you a sip of coconut water with a splash of rum, perhaps?’

Coach House boasts the pool with an incomparable view, sweet private bedrooms and an open and interactive kitchen. He says, ‘come let us have a nice time, lets play and connect.’

In between there is the Studio building which houses the wonderful Yoga Studio and small and sweet Dharma bedroom as well as Bamboo apartment, a stunner.  Both are available as add on rooms to either Villa.


When both villas come together to host one group, absolute magic is made.  They feed each others souls.


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46 FP-CR 9903.jpg


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Shared Features 

  • Martha Brae river swimming

  • Beautiful walks on 2000 acres, bird watching and star gazing. 

  • Country peace and quiet. 

  • Chukka Adventures a step away 

  • Outdoor grills

  • Good Hope's private white sand beach nearby.

  • Paddle boards, kayaks, body boards. 

  • Yoga room 

  • Ping pong table & volleyball 

  • Horseback riding, pottery classes, yoga. 

  • Good Hope Gift Shop


Good Hope is known for special food, and so our villa guests are always extremely happy! We purchase fish from local fishermen, vegetables, as well as chicken and eggs from our neighbors’ organic farms. Good Hope is a citrus and coconut plantation – limeade, orange juice and coconut water, as well as delicious coconut chips are plentiful while you are with us!


Meals and drinks are additional to the rental rate. 

We will send you a sample menu and assist you with ideas.  

Once you select preferred menus, we purchase the ingredients and prepare all the meals. At the end of your stay we will give you the summary of all the items we purchased on your behalf.


Please let us know if there are any special items you need or if there are dislikes or allergies we need to be aware of.

Wines/Spirits can be ordered online at or

Sample Meal Plan 


Always: Fresh fruit, orange juice, Blue Mountain coffee, assorted teas and chocolate. 

So many choices ... Try Ackee & Saltfish with fried dumplings OR Callaloo, canadian bacon and fesitval, OR frittata with potatoes, cheese, tomato, pepper, thyme. 

Include: Toast, dumplings, banana bread, pumpkin nut muffins, jams and jellies. 


Light lunch: Roasted vegetable quesadillas with squash, zucchini, eggplant, red onions, sweet pepper, goats cheese. Chicken quesadillas with onion, sweet pepper, cheddar, papaya salsa, guacamole, veggie bean stew, breadfruit, banana or plantain chips. 

Dessert: Homemade chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones. 



Starters: Curried ackee in filo pastry, pumpkin soup. 
Main entree: Grilled and jerked chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and yams, fried plantains, steamed broccoli and string beans. 
Wine: We will send you a wine list so you can preorder.
Dessert: Tortuga rumcake, whipped cream, blue mountain coffee, homemade chocoloate. 


We recommend you rent a van and driver for airport transfers, visits off property, including our private beach, and any other spontaneous plans. We can arrange this for you. 

Full time van and driver ~ 12-seater

(7 passengers plus luggage for transfers) $1,300 per week 

(add 15% tip to rates) 

Full time van and driver ~ 15-seater

(11 passengers plus luggage for transfers) $1,500 per week 

(add 15% tip to rates) 

Full time van and driver - 23 seater

(18 passengers plus luggage) $1800 per week

(Add 15% tip to rates)

Rate includes dedicated licensed driver/tour guide for up to 12 hours per day and thereafter $35 per hour. The minimum period for full time service is 4 consecutive days. 

The driver will provide a vehicle with a full tank and asks you to leave it with a full tank on your departure. 

Any subsequent fill-ups are at the guest’s expense. 

Full time service includes airport transfers. Trips to Kingston or Port Antonio, Blue Mountains or Negril will incur an extra charge and tolls.



Pink - Coach House 

Navy Blue - Country House 
Light Blue - The Gardens 

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