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1. To amuse oneself with an activity
2. To create again 

Good Hope is set on a 2000 acre property in the gorgeous Jamaican countryside.  With hills, vale’s and a river running through it, with animals grazing and the sun shining on the green tropical landscape - you are called to slow down the pace and listen to the song of life.


Come join us!

Retreats at Good Hope 

Good Hope is a perfect location for creativity, intimacy and healing to manifest. We work with Retreat Leaders, Family captains, Special event coordinators to help you host your time at Good Hope, and to make the experience as fulfilling and stress free as can be.

For the last 30 years we have welcomed:


- Families to share their special holidays playing games in the river, sea and on land. 

- Lovers to celebrate their weddings.

- Yoga and meditation practitioners to spend time in nature.

- Pottery, painting, writing and poetry workshops to learn and teach the art forms in a stimulating and peaceful environment.

- Horse riding enthusiasts of all levels to play polo, learn to jump, or simply ride the gorgeous trails.

- Kids camp where children from around the world come for a week of connection and playing in nature.

- Adult camp where adults learn to be kids again, enjoying sports, arts, leisure. 

- Student programs from universities.

and more recently....

- Mushroom retreats for healing and wellbeing.

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We offer an all inclusive package for groups, which includes accommodation, meals, transport to and from the airport and once daily beach trips, on property activities led by Good Hope, tax and a basic gratuity. Retreat leaders then add on their rate.


Additional costs include alcohol, spa services, activities on property independent to Good Hope Villas (horseback riding, pottery, Chukka Adventures), additional gratuity, gift shop items, welcome gifts, special events beyond the ordinary offerings we include.(eg. coordination of a weddings or event where we have to engage outside vendors).


Contact us for our Retreats Package! 


We have a total of 14 bedrooms split between 2 villas. A minimum of 9 bedrooms is required to book the entire property. Our all inclusive price is sold by single, double or triple occupancy. Please note that triple occupancy is limited. If your group needs more than 14 bedrooms then please reach out. 

Check in is 3pm and check out at 11 am. 


We provide 3 meals a day, along with snack and homemade juices. Soft drinks and alcohol are sold separately (Please note that Good Hope Villas will follow the instructions of retreat leaders regarding the inclusion of alcohol in their retreat.) 


Menu options: vegetarian, vegetarian with seafood, vegetarian with seafood and chicken and/or meat. 

We customise menus for each groups needs. Special requests are welcome; Dietary needs can be accommodated. 


Included in the all inclusive package is airport shuttles. We encourage retreat participants to schedule flight arrivals and departures within proximity of each other to maximise the shuttles. Additionally, there will be a shuttle down to the beach every day of your retreat. 


Let us help you curate your week!  If you are a retreat or workshop leader, or the appointed family coordinator -

Choose your activities and days, we will help coordinate with memorable meals.


Be sure to include:

- morning walks or jogs or bicycle rides

- river swimming, just for a dip or to hang out and have a picnic.

- hang out at the River Clubhouse pool and slide, read, listen to the bamboos.

- take part in the many offerings Chukka tours have on offer, including river tubing, zip lining.

- beach excursions to our special private Sangha Good Hope beach.

- try 2 water experiences in a day - early morning beach walk and swim and breakfast, afternoon river walk and swim.

- make your own tournaments - backgammon, games night, talent show, bring in a band, ping pong.

- pottery classes, yoga classes, painting classes, craft class, make your own banner.

- massages, mani pedi, astrology readings,

- historic tour of property, walk, horse ride, or in pick up, or a talk with cock or mocktails

- afternoon sundowners on the front lawn, breathe in the view.

- outdoor movie night on the front lawn

- bonfire with s’mores and dancing to your rhythms. Great final night.

Sample Retreat Itinerary

DAY 1 

- Check in from 3pm onwards. 

- Settle in, welcome walk around villas. Exhale!


DAY 2 

- Morning walk around Good Hope property along the river, through the fields, perhaps petting a horse or donkey. 

- Breakfast, your retreat speciality time, lunch by the poolside, relax.

- Perhaps a pottery or art class for the group, a wonderful grounding experience. 


DAY 3 

- Morning walk, morning session. 

- Beach day: excursion with lunch at the beach. Perhaps some massages. 

- History and culture talk. 


DAY 4 

- Morning walk around Good Hope

- Morning session and lunch. 

- Horse trail ride through the citrus and coconuts fields OR a property tour by tractor, pick up or bicycle.  

- Movie Night with popcorn. 



- Group hike ending at the river for a picnic. 

- Afternoon massages and relaxation. 

- Games night / poetry reading or storytelling / dancing under the stars. 


DAY 6 

- Beach Day: Lunch at the Beach or start your day early with a beach walk and breakfast. Then head back in time for a swim in the pool and lunch. 

- Consider a cooking class, OR hire a local mento band for entertainment OR a DJ for an oldies jam session?


DAY 7 

- Relax at the beach or villas.  Allow time to pass in togetherness or contemplation. 

- Visit our Good Hope Gift Shop! 

- Bonfire night and night stroll. 

Day 8 

- Check out @ 11 am 

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