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Create your wedding, special anniversary, birthday party (first to 95th) or employee awards ceremony.


These hills and vale’s, the soft wind blowing as the sun begins to set, this majestic building sitting relaxed on the front lawn, encouraging you to shout 'I DO!’ to the universe or dance the night away. East, drink and be merry.


There’s also our so special ‘Negril vibes’ Sangha beach. Maybe have a rehearsal party there - the drum roll to the big day. 


And as a perfect trifecta- allow us to manifest for you a picnic style lunch by the riverside, a five minute walk from the Villas.  


This is one option of many scenarios we can offer you. There are several magical locations on Good Hope property for you to choose from. 


We work with party planners and wedding coordinators and can help advise as needed.  

Contact us at for more information on pricing and availability.  

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